What to do with oranges

This week I bought a sack of oranges. I don't know how it is in the country you live in, but in the country I live in you can buy one loose orange for about 1 euro or you can buy a sack of ten oranges for 3,50 euro in the supermarket. So I always buy the whole sack, even though I don't know what to do with such an overload. Most of the time, and I'm ashamed to tell this, I eat just one or two and after that I have had enough oranges for a long time. The rest of the oranges will shrivel up underneath a new layer of fruit in the fruit bowl. 

But..., not this time! I don't want to be a person that's throwing half of her food in the bin while other people are starving to death, so in the future I hope to actually use and eat all food I  buy. Never too late change yourself. 

So after I found myself staring at eight oranges that I didn't have the appetite for anymore, I started to search for orange recipes and other uses. 

This is what I used them for, to the very last one:


  I made something that I see a lot: oranges with cloves sticked in it. It should be very fragant, but to be honest: unless I come so close the clove almost disappears in my nose, I don't smell anything. But the orange looks nice anyway.


I like couscous a lot, so I searched for a recipe with both couscous and oranges in it and guess what: I found one. It's with chicken though and because I'm a vegetarian I used a meat substitute for myself, but I guess that makes the couscous dish dry. I think it's better with chicken because the fat in it carries the flavours. My husband had the chicken version and loved it, so maybe I will keep this recipe after all.

Find the recipe here


And then I had just enough oranges to make this delicious Olive Orange Cake!
Really heavenly! The olive oil makes it soft as silk on your tongue. Just try it and you won't be disappointed!


  1. I've had success with veggie couscous by making it up with dry couscous, orange or lemon zest, veggie stock, a blob of butter and orange juice - if you pour in the liquid and then cover the pan so it can't escape as steam and leave if for a few minutes it comes up beautifully fluffy and the butter stops it being too dry

  2. The orange cake looks yummy! My husband is a big fan of oranges in deserts so I might give it a try :).

  3. Great ideas to use those oranges. I hate wasting any food too, I'm that person with 4 wizened up apples in the fridge as I think I'll do something with them before they go "too far" !
    I've done the dried orange thing with a glut of oranges too, sliced on baking sheets on a low temp in the oven for hours, to use for pot pourri and Christmas decorating, so it's nice to have some new ideas.


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