Christmas Wreath

My sister-in-law sent me a link to a wreath making workshop a couple of weeks ago. I never go to workshops, because I like to do that sort of things in my own home, but a friend of mine wanted to go, too. Maybe it's nice to go together, I thought. So this weekend we went off to the little village where we grew up, because that was where the workshop was. It was nice to be back in the place where we both lived for so many years. Not that I never came back all those years, because my brother still lives there, but I'm not part of the community anymore. The town house, where the workshop took place, still smelled like all those years ago. Funny how a smell can bring back lively memories.

Anyway, this is the wreath I made. It's hanging on my front door.


  1. Gorgeous wreath! I have been taking the easy way out for the past few years and making swags. This beauty you've made will look great for the whole winter season while still being plenty Christmassy for right now!


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