Hand Decoration

This week both my daughters have their yearly Christmas Diner at school. It always is a big happening for them, although it only lasts an hour. The classroom is decorated with a tree and lots of lights, the tables are put together and beautifully set and Christmas songs are playing. All kids have to bring something to eat, so a couple of weeks before Christmas Diner will take place we look for some nice treat to make. This year my oldest wants Christmas Tree Cupcakes and my youngest wants little ciabattas with mozzarella, tomato and pesto (I will show them bot later this week). 

Another issue is the clothes they will wear. My oldest daughter has the age she wants to shop with her friends, so this year she went looking for a Christmas dress without me for the first time (you have to let your kids go, I know, but it's with pain in my heart; shopping for the Christmas dress was something to look forward to). 
My yoiungest has a dress with short sleeves and she wanted me to make this hand decoration that she saw on Pinterest.


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