King's Day/Koningsdag (5 free patterns)

Stash Buster 10

The country I live in (The Netherlands) has a monarchy and the 27th of April the whole country celebrates the king's Birthday. Under normal circumstances most of the country's nationals migrate to the capital city (Amsterdam) on that day but the lockdown measures make it impossible to gather, especially in large amounts of people. The urgently advice is even not to welcome more than one person in your house. 

Last year we were also in lockdown on King's Day, so we tried to make it a festive day for ourselves. And honestly, I think it was one of the better King's Day Celebrations of the last years. In the morning I made 'tompoucen' with my daughters ( a typical Dutch delicacy, that is popular year round, but especially on King's Day). In the afternoon we did Old Dutch games and watched movies and after that we had a BBQ. Perfect day. 

I don't know yet what we will do this year. I bought ingredients and coloring (the colors of the flag, which are red, white and blue, and orange) and crocheted some things to decorate the porch with from yarn left overs. 

Link Chain Garland



 Chain 35 + 3 to turn

DC in every chain, chain 2 for turning

DC in every stitch, cut off yarn and stitch both ends together, while forming a chain

Bunting with crown


For this project I used this pattern  from De Haakbrigade for the little crown.

Pattern bunting:

Chain 25 + 1 for turning

HDC in every stitch, chain 2 for turning

*Skip the first stitch of the former row and HDC in the rest of the stitches, chain 2 for turning*

Repeat, skipping every first stitch of the row until you have only 1 left

Fasten off


SC's in white along both long sides of the triangle

SC in orange in the former row of white SC's


Connect them by crocheting a chain of 50 in orange, then SC's along the short edges of the triangles. Keep a chain of 20 in between them





String 60 rocaille beads

Chain a cord, including a bead every 6th chain stitch





Round 1: 40 sc around a regular hair elastic, close with a slip stitch in the first sc (40)

Round 2: chain 2 (counts as the first dc), 2 dc in the same stitch, 3 dc in every sc of the previous round, close with a slip stitch in the chain stitch (120)

Round 3: chain 2 (counts as the first dc), 1 dc in the same stitch, 2 dc in every dc of the previous round,close with a slip stitch in the chain stitch (240)

Round 4: chain 2 (counts as the first dc), 1 dc in every dc of the previous round, close with a slip stitch in the chain stitch (240)

That's it!

Tealight with Orange Tulips and Dutch Flag

 For this project I used this tutorial from Lindevrouw


My Chill & Chunky Baby Blanket was featured by Creative Jewish Mom, JENerally Informed, French Ethereal and Busy Being Jennifer!





  1. Lovely projects. Our colours are saffron,white and green.

  2. This is such a sweet and family friendly approach to the holiday!

  3. I am glad you are finding a way to be creative and try to enjoy the day. Hope it is a good day again for the family. #HomeMattersParty

  4. What a lot of lovely projects, I especially love the tealight cover.

  5. Hello Liz, I love all the different buntings and things you've made for Königsdag! I was happy to feature your post at Share Your Style #301 this past Wednesday for you. <3 I also shared your Plague Doctor, which I guess I didn't realize what it was last fall. It would have been perfect for Halloween. Hope you've had a lovely weekend! Hugs, Barb :)


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