Rove Cardigan

After quite some attempts I have finally finished the Rove Cardigan from The Velvet Acorn I promised to make for my oldest daughter. It was love at first sight between my daughter and the cardigan and to me in the picture it didn't seem difficult at all to make. And in principle it wasn't. Just knit and purl stitches. Except for the fact that most knitting had to be done with a circular knitting needle and let me say it mildly: the circular needle and I will never be BFF's. So after trying a couple of times I gave up and adjusted the circular needle parts to straight needles, which makes that the sleeves of the cardigan now have a seam. But who cares; my daughter doesn't even know the cardigan is supposed to be seamless. So..., today I can proudly show you a finished cardigan!

I found this pattern at The Velvet Acorn. It's the third pattern I used from this Etsy shop, what might make you think I have benefits here, but no, I just like the patterns. And what I like most in this cardigan, are the Fall colors of the wool.


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the wool you've chosen,too. I've used a few Velvet Acorn patterns, as well, and I love how sweet they look on my daughter. I am wishing I was a quicker knitter to attempt this one!

  2. Cute cardigan. I can't get on with circular needles either.

  3. That cardigan is so cute! I love the cut of it, too. I'll have to visit the shop :)

  4. It is very cute. I'm sure she'll look like a doll in it! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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