In the country I live in, The Netherlands, Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) is more known and more celebrated than Santa Claus, especially by children and their parents. Most people will not even get out the christmas decorations before Sinterklaas has left the country. His birthday, on the 5th of December, is the day he will give sacks and boxes full of presents to everyone (bought by parents, of course) and the next day he will travel back to Spain, where he's said to be living.
Two things made me start making some Christmas decorations. First, we are making some changes in the bedrooms of my daughters and I found their perler beads, and second, I found this nice perler beads pattern that matches some other decorations that I had in mind making for Christmas. So here's my first decoration of this year! The only thing to hope for now is that there actually will be snow this Christmas.

So simple and yet I love it. It isn't really clear to see, but I used gold and white beads. You can find the idea here.

And now I'm off to the knitting project I'm busy with now and which costs me so much more time than the crochet projects I normally make... Just not good at knitting.  


  1. Our son lived in the Netherlands for a while and told us about Sinterklaas. Celebrating his birthday sounds fun. Thanks so much for sharing at our Party in Your PJs link party.

  2. Oh, I bet the gold beads sparkle; just like snow! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  3. That's cute, is the gold a metallic or sparkly effect, either way I'm sure it looks lovely.

  4. This is lovely. Might have to steal the idea for a counted cross stitch.


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